Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume said the "hypocrisy is remarkable" between the Democrats' portrayal of Georgia gubernatorial election loser Stacey Abrams and the recount in Florida that netted Republicans a U.S. Senate seat.

Abrams (D) refused to formally concede her race to Gov-elect Brian Kemp (R), but admitted he was legally declared the winner.

On the flip side, Democrats have bashed the GOP over their criticisms toward the recount and voting irregularities in South Florida, where Sen.-elect Rick Scott (R) and Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis won by razor-thin margins.

"If you're a Democrat and you complain, no matter how unfounded you're complaint may be... you're a patriot," Hume said.

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"If you're a Republican in Florida and you complain about the documented, court-confirmed irregularities down there, you're [seen as] undermining democracy."

"The hypocrisy is remarkable," Hume said.

Host Mark Steyn noted that Democrats still haven't accepted the 2016 defeat of Hillary Clinton.

"We have heard no end of complaints that this was set up for him," Hume said. "The complaint is so lame."

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