The panel on "Outnumbered" on Tuesday discussed the future of Facebook and its founder as the social media giant faces multiple controversies.

The company has been marred in controversy largely due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and its stock price continues to drop.

Washington Post columnist Margaret Sullivan even suggested on Monday that chairman of the board Mark Zuckerberg step down from his post.

After the New York Times published a critical piece on Facebook's handling of election manipulation by Russia, Facebook fired back, citing the piece's "inaccuracies" and also cut its ties with GOP-opposition firm Definers Public Affairs.

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Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich said that Facebook is no longer trusted by the majority of the public.

"For Mark Zuckerberg, he continues to talk about how they're trying to do the right thing ... they haven't been transparent about anything," she said.

Jessica Tarlov added that what matters most in the situation is "how terrible Mark Zuckerberg is in a PR sense."

"He doesn't handle it well. He seems personally offended that anyone would be questioning his intentions when there is direct evidence that certain things were ignored," she said.

Zuckerberg also reportedly blamed Sandberg and her teams for the Cambridge Analytica fallout.

"Making Sheryl Sandberg your fall girl is not a good look," Tarlov said.

During a press briefing last week, Zuckerberg said that "Sheryl is doing great work for the company. She’s been a very important partner to me and continues to be, and will continue to be."

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