An Iowa couple whose son was born with a brain condition thanked Fox & Friends viewers Tuesday for their donations that are helping to pay their medical bills.

Drew and Ariann Corpstein’s son, Matthew, had been misdiagnosed with a terminal brain malformation before he was born in July, but the couple learned hours after his birth that his condition could be managed.

The couple was urged to either abort the pregnancy or induce early labor, but they said they put their faith in God during his birth.

The Corpsteins said on Tuesday that they feel blessed by the kindness from "Fox & Friends" viewers after raising more than $50,000 since the summer toward their expenses.

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"It's just been amazing," Ariann Corpstein said. "We just feel so thankful. ... It's pretty crazy."

The couple was told after Matthew was born that he had hydrocephalus, a condition that causes fluid to build up in the brain.

Matthew had to undergo emergency surgery to insert a shunt in his brain to drain the excess fluid.

Drew Corpstein called his son an "amazing miracle" and urged parents to pray in dire times.

"That's the only thing that kept us going."

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