Jesse Watters shared the latest tranche of text messages sent to him by his mother, Dr. Anne Watters, who occasionally voices her left-leaning opinion on her son's right-leaning commentary.

"Any political arena is fraught with name calling, as well as wretched accusations by all sorts of players, but not by the president of the United States. To normalize his behavior [of] calling a woman 'horseface' demeans you and makes you appear crass, and quite awful and misogynistic," Dr. Watters wrote in one recent message.

In October, Trump railed against porn star Stormy Daniels -- mentioning "horse face" and her third-rate lawyer [Michael Avenatti], after a federal judge tossed a lawsuit by the performer against the president.

"How do we all seek a more civil discourse if you continue to fan the flames?" Dr. Watters asked in another text.

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Dr. Watters also called on Jesse to be "better informed regarding issues of sensible gun control measures."

She asked him to stop making "sweeping and inaccurate statements about what Democrats are seeking."

Watters noted that in that message, his mom credited co-host Dana Perino for bringing clarity to the issue, post-election.

Watch the clip above to see more recent "Mom Texts".

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