Former ICE Director Thomas Homan blasted a Mexican state official who praised the actions of the migrant caravan and said that "they're a blessing to [America]... and they're not invading."

Mark Steyn first interviewed Juan Hernandez, a Texas-born political adviser who previously worked with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and former Mexican President Felipe Calderon -- according to his website.

Hernandez, who also worked in Mexican President Vicente Fox' administration, said he was recently appointed to be a state official by the governor of Guanajuato.

"These are people looking for a better life. They're seeking asylum. They're not invading," Hernandez said. 

Steyn challenged Hernandez, saying that the migrants passed through both Guatemala and Mexico and could've sought asylum there, but are pushing on to the U.S.

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"I just want to respond to Juan," Homan subsequently told Steyn. "Enough."

Homan said that to legally emigrate to the United States or seek asylum, people should go through the proper channels.

"Seeking a better life doesn't qualify for asylum, so they're committing fraud," Homan said of some of the migrants. "They need to be detained [once they cross into the United States] until they see a judge."

Homan said that as many as 91 percent of Central American asylum claims are denied, but the applicants are only easily deported if they are already in custody.

Homan added that finding a way to hold the influx of migrants seeking asylum until their court dates and sending home the ones who aren't qualified will "send a strong message that we are a nation of laws."

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