Greg Gutfeld said Tuesday that instead of his annual monologue on how to best avoid talking politics around the Thanksgiving table, it might be a good idea to ignore the warnings anyway.

He cited a survey that said 53 percent of Americans find talking politics with someone of opposing viewpoint is frustrating.

"Taking advice from a TV host is like taking a ride from a stranger. Let's go all-in on Thanksgiving," he said.

He said that people must find the right way to insert politics at the table.

"These mashed potatoes are really hot-- almost as hot as our economy," Gutfeld suggested.

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"We have more dinner rolls than people," Gutfeld added, saying that the rolls are like jobs in this economy.

Gutfeld said that after dinner, people can say they're "stuffed" like the new makeup of the Supreme Court -- "stuffed" with strict constructionists like Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

He joked that "pumpkin pie" may be described to look like "Donald Trump's gorgeous hair."

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