President Trump said he answered written questions from Special Counsel Robert Mueller "very easily," but Jonathan Turley is warning that "nothing is easy in the Mueller investigation."

Trump said the answers -- which are related to Russian election interference and possible ties between Moscow and his presidential campaign -- will be submitted to Mueller's team as early as this week.

Jonathan Turley, a constitutional law professor at George Washington University, said that Mueller could turn Trump's "very" easy answers into a difficult situation for the president.

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He pointed out that the list of Mueller indictments shows that collusion is largely immaterial to most of his prosecutions.

"[Mueller] found it very easy to charge them on statements that they made that were found to be inaccurate or conflicting with other evidence," Turley said. "These charges come closer to missteps than malfeasance. They're largely false statements made to investigators, as opposed to core crimes."

He said that a possible perjury trap is obviously the biggest concern for the president's legal team, as they navigate how to cooperate with the Mueller probe.

He noted that Mueller may have secured multiple indictments, but none of them show clear evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

"All these previous filings really have one conspicuous omission, and that is a direct connection not just to Trump, but to Trump officials in a true collusion conspiracy," Turley said.

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