Tucker Carlson said Monday that Democrats appear to have one commonality in their agendas going forward: a moral revival for America.

Carlson said Democrats have already united as a front 'against' President Trump, but have rarely spoken about what they are 'for'.

He said their mission is bigger than calls for "more transgendered Marines or lower prescription drug prices" -- but that party elders are claiming the moral high ground against Republican indiscretions.

"That invisible moral fabric is being shredded," former Vice President Joe Biden said in one clip played by Carlson.

In another clip, longtime Houston congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee said she appreciated that "the good people of Texas would rise up and find their moral compass."

Outgoing Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida was seen on video saying that one policy "offended the morality of America."

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Additionally, Connecticut's Richard Blumenthal said earlier this year that Republicans would delay the Kavanaugh confirmation if "they had any sense of morality."

Carlson said it is now clear that "the party of sex-selective abortions is now lecturing you about morality."

He said most in the Democratic Party should strive to reach the "high moral standards" of New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Carlson noted that Gillibrand was a longtime ally of three Democratic men implicated in or alleged to have been part of immoral activities: former Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York, President Clinton and Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein.

Carlson said Gillibrand voiced the need to "restore moral integrity."

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