A man in North Carolina got the kidney transplant he desperately needed after his son wrote an emotional plea to President Trump about it.

Trae Putnam and his son, Fore, appeared on Fox & Friends in March after Trump replied to Fore's letter that asked the president to "please help."

The president said that he'd work on finding a solution for Putnam, who was undergoing dialysis three times per week.

The pair appeared on Fox & Friends again on Monday, and Putnam said he got his new kidney last month and has been feeling better every day since.

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Money was raised through a GoFundMe page set up to help Putnam finance his surgery.

On Monday, he thanked anyone who donated, as well as Fox & Friends viewers, and said that his son saved his life.

"You think about a parent saving the kid, but you don't hear [about] many kids saving their parents," he said. "That's what he did. He saved me."

Fore added that he was happy because his father can now play football with him outside.

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