President Trump sat down with "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace to discuss a wide range of pressing subjects, like the results of the midterm elections and the Mueller investigation.

Trump touted the GOP's Senate victory in the midterms, calling it a "historic" win.

"If you look at presidents in the White House, it’s almost never happened where you won a seat," Trump said. "That’s a far greater victory than it is for the other side."

He also touted his campaigning for Republican candidates in key races, and said that until he "put a spotlight" on the Senate race in Florida, Republican Rick Scott would have lost the election.

"In my opinion he would have lost. They would have taken that election away from him. Rick Scott won Florida," Trump said.

After a manual recount, Scott officially defeated his Democratic opponent, Bill Nelson, after Nelson conceded on Sunday.

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Trump also touched on his appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general in the wake of Jeff Sessions' resignation.

He said that he did not know that Whitaker was critical of special counsel Robert Mueller, and that it didn't influence Whitaker's selection.

"He’s going to do what’s right. I really believe he’s going to do what’s right," Trump said.

The president also told Wallace that he, himself, has responded to Mueller's written questions regarding the Russia investigation.

"I think we’ve wasted enough time on this witch hunt and the answer is probably, we’re finished."

Watch more of Wallace's exclusive interview with the president above.

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