An Army veteran said Sunday that his American flag that survived the deadly Northern California Camp Fire is a symbol of hope.

Chase Bowden's home in the town of Magalia was destroyed by the raging blaze and he said on Fox & Friends that what he saw was comparable to a war zone.

"It's devastation up there," he said. "Words can't describe what we saw or what we experienced. It was horrible."

He told CBS Austin that after he and his wife evacuated, a photo of what remained of his home showed only his American flag standing.

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Bowden said on Sunday that he and his wife are staying in a home with multiple other families.

"We're getting by, by being together and having our family and friends around us," he said.

As of Sunday, it was reported that at least 76 people had been killed in the Camp Fire.

Bowden added that his flag standing amid the devastation showed hope to rebuild after the tragedy.

"Honestly, it means hope," he said. "Hope for the future. Not only my family, but our town."

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