Tucker Carlson asked on Friday if U.S. leaders can handle "the basics of governing" amid the deadly wildfires in California and after a surprise snowstorm walloped part of the New York tristate area.

Northern California's Camp Fire has killed at least 71 people as of Friday, and it has been declared that state's deadliest fire.

The Thursday night snowstorm that struck the Northeast made a mess of roads and railways, caused power outages and had public officials scrambling to overcome an apparent lack of preparedness.

"Keeping the roads clear, the fires quenched, the votes counted [in Florida's elections], these are the core functions of government and they can't do them," Carlson said.

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Dave Rubin, who hosts The Rubin Report on YouTube, said that many aspects of society all seem to be "crumbling" simultaneously.

"The government should be able to handle a snowstorm, even if it's a bit of a surprise snowstorm, when it's six or eight inches," he said.

He said that many on the left believe that more money will solve "acts of God."

"It's not more money that you need. It's more preparation. It's more understanding that some strange things are gonna happen every now and again," Rubin said.

Carlson added that people create a "hierarchy of responsibilities" and that leaders seem to be focused on "global duties" rather than their "basic duties."

"Before you curb carbon emissions and raise the self-esteem of schoolkids, shouldn't you make sure the roads aren't crumbling?"

Watch the interview above.

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