After President Trump denied questioning the loyalty of Vice President Mike Pence, Sean Spicer praised Pence's effectiveness on Fox & Friends.

On Saturday, Trump addressed a report that said he has suggested dropping Pence from his 2020 ticket and has questioned his loyalty.

Trump said that he doesn't "at all" question Pence's loyalty and referred to him as "a trooper."

"Mike Pence is 100 percent [loyal]," the president said. "Not even a doubt about it in my mind."

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Spicer said that Pence is the most committed and loyal VP that the country could want.

"The president, the administration and the country are lucky that we have someone as talented, committed, loyal and effective as Mike Pence as vice president," the former White House press secretary said.

Spicer added that he believes Trump values the counsel of Pence and called him a "tremendous partner."

"He is the kind of person that anybody would want by their side as a partner."

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