Newt Gingrich appeared on "America's Newsroom" Friday to weigh in on a variety of topics, including Democrats' plans to launch investigations of President Trump and his administration when the party takes control of the House in January.

Several prominent Trump critics are set to take over as House committee chairs and some or all of those committees are expected to open Trump-related investigations, including potentially seeking his tax returns.

Gingrich, former House Speaker (R-Ga.) and Fox News contributor, said that would be unpopular with the American people and it wouldn't help the Democrats politically.

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"It didn't help us. We went through a big investigation of Bill Clinton and ended up losing five seats in 1998," Gingrich noted. "The American people want to see you get something done."

He said he's a strong believer in the importance of congressional oversight, but he warned that Democrats could get carried away.

"For example, if they try to subpoena all of the president's personal tax records, that'll just lead to the Supreme Court. That's going to get tied up in court so fast that nothing will be happening," Gingrich said.

He wondered if Democrats want that to be their "brand" heading into the 2020 election.

"If all they have is an obstructionist, investigating Democratic Party, I think that's a very weak brand to take into the presidential campaign."

Watch the "America's Newsroom" interview above.

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