National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg said it was "kind of outrageous" that Georgia gubernatorial runner-up Stacey Abrams gave a speech she explicitly labeled "not a... concession" after Governor-elect Brian Kemp tallied an insurmountable lead.

Goldberg said President Trump had been lambasted by the left when he said in 2016 that he would have to consider the validity of the presidential election results before accepting defeat if he lost.

"When Donald Trump said he might not honor the results of the election if he lost, everyone rightfully said that was an outrageous thing to say," Goldberg said. "This woman has done exactly that in fiery, prepared remarks."

Abrams (D-Atlanta) said Friday that "democracy failed Georgia" and that "this is not a speech of concession -- concession means to acknowledge an action is right."

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"It's bad hyperbole on both sides," Goldberg said.

He said that Abrams' remarks were "part of a strategy" in the Peach State to "keep the based riled up and change voter laws. She made the argument that this state belongs to us."

Goldberg added that the episode was "remarkably cynical and in bad form."

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