Ahead of his exclusive interview with President Donald Trump airing Sunday "Fox News Sunday", Chris Wallace previewed what he and the president discussed.

Speaking to Shepard Smith on Friday, Wallace said the interview went longer than expected, allowing the veteran journalist to talk with Trump about a wide range of topics -- from the California wildfires, to the Mueller probe, to Trump's trip to France, to the lawsuit brought against him by CNN and reporter Jim Acosta.

Wallace played a clip from the upcoming airing, in which Trump said it is "incredible" to see the destruction and loss of life in the Golden State.

"Now they're saying [there's] as many as 600 people killed," Trump told Wallace, adding that many places are "burned beyond recognition."

Trump said forest mismanagement was a major player in the breadth of the destruction. He will visit the state in the coming days.

Wallace said that Trump appears to "wish he had a rare do-over" in regard to his absence at the annual Veterans' Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

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Trump was blasted in the press for not attending the annual solemn event a few miles west of the White House.

Wallace added that he and Trump had a "very spirited discussion about [what Trump considers] fake news" and talked about CNN's lawsuit.

Earlier Friday, Dana Perino played a clip of Trump speaking about Acosta and the ruling by a federal judge he appointed that ordered the 47-year-old's White House hard pass be reinstated.

Trump said that in light of the ruling, the White House is constructing "rules and regulations" for journalists when it comes to "decorum" and the like.

"Nobody believes in the First Amendment more than I do, and if I think somebody's out-of-sorts, I'll leave," Trump said.

Tune in Sunday at 2 PM ET for the exclusive interview on "Fox News Sunday."

Watch more above from Wallace's interview with Smith, and more below with Dana Perino:

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