Tucker Carlson took on former Clinton adviser Richard Goodstein on the Democrats' expected push for gun control after they retook the House of Representatives.

In the midterm elections, voters elected nearly 20 Democrats who advocate additional gun restrictions, and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has vowed that such legislation will be a "priority" for the next Congress.

Goodstein explained that House Democrats aren't pushing for repealing the Second Amendment, but taking steps -- such as thorough background checks -- to prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands.

"What they're saying is that things have gotten out of whack," Goodstein said. "The United States is unique in the world. It's not a mental health problem. There are mental health problems everywhere else in the world, but we have this horrible gun problem here."

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Carlson countered that Democrats aren't pushing for just background checks, but also other gun control measures like limiting the types of firearms, magazines and ammunition that citizens can purchase.

"These are laws -- restrictions -- that affect normal people who should be able to defend themselves. Why is that?" Carlson said. "Why would a magazine restriction or an ammo restriction or a so-called assault rifle restriction apply to me? Why am I not trusted to buy any kind of gun I want?"

He said most gun-owning Americans pose no threat to anyone, wondering why proposed gun control measures would apply to everyone instead of specifically to "potential threats."

"This is what makes me nervous, is a small majority of people commit the overwhelming majority of shootings, but we're not thinking clearly about how to disarm them."

Watch the "Tucker Carlson Tonight" debate above.

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