On "Hannity" Thursday, Daily Mail editor-at-large Piers Morgan said it was unproductive for "major liberal celebrities" to have a "massive, gigantic hissy fit that their candidate lost" two years after the 2016 election.

Sean Hannity introduced the segment by playing video of Madonna remarking about blowing up the White House, and Robert De Niro ripping Trump on multiple occasions.

"Down with this [expletive]," De Niro recently said. "Come on let's go, what are we talking about... This [expletive] idiot is the president. This guy is a [expletive] fool, come on."

Morgan said that if critics saw through the president's tweets and bombast, he would be "nowhere as scary to them," given his accomplishments.

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"People should be arrested for saying this stuff," Morgan said in an apparent reference to Madonna. "All it will do is empower Donald Trump and rally his base."

Morgan said he found it "vomit-making" that these stars "find it cool and productive to scream at the president of the United States. They have no respect for the office ... or their fans."

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