The parents of a man who was stabbed to death while vacationing in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, are searching for answers and calling for the FBI to get involved in the investigation.

Taylor Meyer, 27, arrived Wednesday at the popular beach vacation spot with a group of friends, including some members of his fraternity from his years at the University of Colorado. His body was found Friday at the Lázaro Cárdenas park, located just a block from the beach, after a reported fight, according to Riviera Maya News.

On "America's Newsroom," Kris and Krista Meyer said they were contacted by the U.S. Consulate on Friday and told their son had been killed in a robbery.

They were told that three people were in the park with Meyer at the time of the robbery, but only one man has been arrested.

Mr. Meyer said the Mexican government obviously has jurisdiction in this case, but they want the FBI to oversee the investigation.

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He said they want their son's murder solved, and they also want to get the word out that Mexico has "changed" in recent years and can be a very dangerous place.

He revealed that his son took extensive precautions before the trip, including booking lodging in a safe area, checking in with the State Department and giving his family a detailed daily itinerary.

"We did everything right, and he ended up being murdered. Horrible," he said.

"We don't want to see anybody else go through this pain and suffering that we've been enduring."

He expressed concern that the Mexican government and local media are covering up or misreporting the details of what happened because they are afraid it could hurt the country's tourism industry.

"We want to get Taylor's story out," he said, remembering his son as an impressive young man and a strong Christian who was loved by many.

Watch the emotional interview above.

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