Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who could soon retake the House Speaker gavel, praised Rev. Al Sharpton and thanked him for "saving America" by helping Democrats win back the majority.

Pelosi made the remark Wednesday at the National Action Network Legislative & Policy Conference, a non-profit civil rights organization founded by Sharpton with the goal of turning out voters for midterm elections.

The House minority leader began by laying out the Democratic Party's agenda before introducing Sharpton.

“We’re going to be visionary, we’re going to be unifying, we’re going to be healing, we’re going to be transparent in how we do this. We’re going to be respectful of other views," Pelosi said. "But we’re going to try to find our common ground where we can. We have a responsibility to do that but where we can’t, stand our ground like a rock. That’s what Thomas Jefferson advised us to do.”

She added, “Thank you for helping take back America. People all over the place are calling me, writing, in airports, here and there, saying, ‘Thank you for saving America.’ I give those thanks to you. Thank you for saving America. Reverend Sharpton, thank you for saving America.”

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CRTV host Michelle Malkin appeared on "Fox & Friends" Thursday to react, remarking, "Who knew that the midterms were a referendum on Al Sharpton?"

She said she's not shocked to hear comments like this from Pelosi, and it only reiterates how "out of touch" the Democratic leadership is.

She said Sharpton is an extreme, divisive figure who's profited from stoking racial tensions for decades, while lacking any "real constituency."

Malkin said this is a "calculated" move by Pelosi, who's facing a "revolt" from some fellow Democrats who don't want her as Speaker.

"This is what it's really about. It is the worst kind of pandering from Nancy Pelosi."

Watch more from "Fox & Friends" above.

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