With the arrest of celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti, Greg Gutfeld said Thursday that the reflex is to cite the irony of the situation -- warning that critics can be better than the 47-year-old.

Avenatti, who represents Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against Trump and forwarded scurrilous allegations of graphic sexual misconduct against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, was taken into custody in Los Angeles County, Calif. on a domestic assault charge.

Avenatti claimed he never has nor will strike a woman. 

"He's charged with similar stuff he's partial to smearing others with," Gutfeld said. "[Some people] felt like there was some justice exacted in the universe. No one is as small, petty or irresponsible with the lives of others than this guy."

Gutfeld said that although Avenatti "tried to ruin Brett Kavanaugh's life with allegations... one must resist."

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"We must be better than Avenatti... that's a low bar. We must be magnificent compared to Avenatti," he said.

Gutfeld said Avenatti deserves due process and presumption of innocence, and that his unnamed alleged victim must be given sympathy as well.

Juan Williams said Avenatti is the "titular head of the attack on Donald Trump" and that many on the right have shown "a lot of schadenfreude" at his predicament.

"It looks like [Avenatti's] life is flaming out," Watters said, noting a recent California state judgment of millions of dollars against him by a former law associate as well.

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