Tucker Carlson said video of an offshoot of the migrant caravan reaching the American border at Tijuana, Baja California Norte must be "embarrassing and awkward" for those on the left and in the media dismissing the burgeoning group as an issue.

Carlson played video of several reporters and commentators playing down the caravan, including comedian Bill Maher who called President Trump "the racist Paul Revere [saying] 'the migrants are coming, the migrants are coming'."

With people now seen sitting atop the border fence near its end at the ocean in Tijuana, Carlson said, "what 'would' you call it?"

"This is a recurring theme on the left -- don't believe your own eyes, you're too dumb to believe your own senses. There is no illegal immigration crisis."

Carlson said Democrats "will tell you that on-a-loop until they take power."

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After Democrats take back the levers of Washington, Carlson said he projects Democrats to suddenly call the illegal immigration fiasco a "crisis" and declare the only solution is "blanket amnesty."

He said the illegal immigration issue is "a metaphor" for leftists and Democrats' policy program, which he said is based on "denying reality."

Carlson said Democrats deny reality on "immigration, terrorism and biological gender."

"Woe to the person" who tries to "inject reality" into the conversation, he said.

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