Tucker Carlson reacted Tuesday to reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller may soon issue more indictments in his probe of President Trump and Russia.

Carlson said that political consultant and former Richard Nixon adviser Roger Stone and author and political theorist Dr. Jerome Corsi may be "on the list."

He said that Corsi claimed he may have been "manipulated into making false statements" to investigators.

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Carlson said that false statements are "virtually everywhere in D.C.," but that they are rarely prosecuted as crimes.

He pointed to President Obama claiming Americans could "keep their doctor" and see a sizable reduction in health care costs under ObamaCare, or ex-DNI James Clapper saying the NSA wasn't spying on some Americans.

Carlson said that while lying doesn't often get someone put in jail in Washington, "giv[ing] the finger to the establishment [and] mocking the people in power -- that is dangerous."

"Jerome Corsi is learning it the hard way," he said.

He said the Mueller probe was supposed to be about Russia, but after two years, there is still no evidence that the Trump administration colluded with Moscow.

"So what was the point of all of this? Why are we destroying all of these people? What's the justification?"

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