Law Professor Jonathan Turley said Tuesday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that if Special Counsel Robert Mueller's most powerful charges are for false statements and focus on Trump-supporting figures, it would be like "shooting the wounded."

Turley, of George Washington University in Foggy Bottom, D.C., said most of the criminal counts filed thus far against non-Russians have been for "false statements and collateral crimes."

He referenced a statement by political scientist and "ObamaNation" author Dr. Jerome Corsi, in which he said he expected to be indicted by Mueller soon.

Turley said that if the "culmination" of Mueller's investigation features indictments against Corsi and former Nixon adviser Roger J. Stone, it would be like "running around shooting the wounded."

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Stone, an early supporter of Trump's and a longtime consultant in Washington, has not been charged in the probe.

"There's not a clear 'there' there, in terms of a central figure doing some substantive criminal act," Turley said. 

Turley said that Stone is at worst an "annoying character" and that prosecuting him would be like "shooting a mime in Central Park" and not taking down a major political titan.

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