"America's Newsroom" spoke to a woman who evacuated from Paradise, California, just moments before a raging wildfire scorched the Northern California town.

Mariah Bush, 18, said she's grateful to be alive after escaping the so-called Camp Fire -- which is the deadliest blaze in California history, killing at least 42 with dozens more reported missing.

Bush said Thursday was her day off, so she planned to sleep in and do some chores around the house.

"If my dad hadn't have come home from work when he did, I probably wouldn't have gotten out of there, because I wouldn't have known," Bush said.

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She said she and her father packed a car with important documents, photos, and the family's pet cat and dogs, and headed for the nearby city of Chico.

Their home, like nearly all the structures in Paradise, was destroyed just moments later.

As they fled to safety, Bush captured harrowing footage of the blaze on her cell phone, describing it as "one of the scariest things I've had to do in my life."

"My family's devastated," Bush said. "A house can be rebuilt, but it's just memorabilia that was in there that we can never get back."

"Everyone, thus far, that we knew in Paradise has had confirmation that their house is gone. I have talked to nobody who has had their house survive this."

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