In his "Swamp Watch" segment Sunday, Steve Hilton took a look at Rep. Maxine Waters and how she has appears to have used her public office to "protect her investments, benefit her friends and enrich her family."

Waters (D-Calif.), who is set to take over as chair of the House Financial Services Committee, has been an outspoken critic of President Trump, repeatedly floating impeachment and even encouraging her supporters to confront Trump administration officials in public.

"But that is far from the first stain on her record in Congress," Hilton said.

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He noted that Waters was the subject of a House Ethics Committee investigation in 2010 over a meeting she arranged between the Treasury Department and representatives of OneUnited bank, where her husband was a notable shareholder. OneUnited went on to obtain $12 million in federal bailout funding. The ethics charges against Waters were dropped in 2012.

"By the time Maxine Waters scheduled the meeting with the Treasury secretary, her husband owned approximately $350,000 in OneUnited stock, all of which would have likely gone down the drain without the bailout money she helped secure," Hilton said. "How lovely for Maxine to have the power to protect her investments with taxpayer bailouts. What a true woman of the people she is."

He added that it's no surprise, then, that Waters owns multiple properties in California, including a multi-million dollar home that isn't even in her district.

He said Waters also "brings in the cash" by charging candidates for spots on her "slate mailer," a sample ballot that many voters in Los Angeles use to guide their voting choices.

"And guess who's in charge of the organization that runs this scheme? None other than Waters' daughter Karen," Hilton said.

He also took issue with Waters' "conflict donations," noting that she has received more than $230,000 from the securities and investment industry and $330,000 from the insurance industry since she became ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee in 2012.

"Maxine Waters is up to her neck in the swamp," he concluded.

Watch the "Swamp Watch" segment above.

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