Could Hillary Clinton run for president again in 2020?

In a new Wall Street Journal op-ed, former Clinton adviser Mark Penn wrote that she will run again and "easily capture the 2020 nomination."

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The op-ed has drawn some strong reactions, including from Lisa Boothe, Dan Bongino and Kellyanne Conway, who tweeted Monday morning her hope that Clinton will run again. 

Boothe responded on "America's Newsroom" with shock over the article, expressing doubt that Clinton would be a better candidate this time around.

"I felt like I was reading an Onion article with this," said Boothe, explaining that voters don't trust her and saw through the multiple "manufactured versions" of Hillary Clinton. 

"What do you stand for? Nobody knows," Boothe argued. 

Bongino said on "Fox & Friends" that he would not be surprised to see another Clinton bid, arguing "her whole life revolves around" being in power. He said it's become a "running joke" but that Clinton's chances cannot be underestimated. 

However, he said the Clinton campaign's actions with Fusion GPS and the Steele dossier in 2016 could be an "albatross" for her campaign.  

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