Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw joined Martha MacCallum on Monday on "The Story" to talk about his surprise appearance on "Saturday Night Live" following a week of outrage toward the program.

During a pre-midterm election “Weekend Update” sketch, comedian Pete Davidson riffed on several incoming members of Congress' attributes -- including Crenshaw. In his controversial jokes, Davidson compared the politician and military veteran to a “hitman from a porno movie.”

Crenshaw, a Republican from the Houston suburbs, lost an eye after an enemy IED exploded while he was serving in Afghanistan. He wears an eyepatch to cover his wound.

"They genuinely didn't really mean it the way that it came out," Crenshaw told MacCallum of his appearance. "They wanted to make it right. They wanted to do it this [past] weekend because it was Veterans' Day."

Davidson previously said Crenshaw's appearance looked like a pirate from a pornographic film.

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"They wanted to make it right," Crenshaw said. "They wanted to do it this [past] weekend because it was Veterans' Day."

Crenshaw said "SNL" wanted to take the opportunity to send a message about "veterans and unity."

Davidson and showrunner Lorne Michaels had been the subject of intense outrage in the week between Davidson's joke and Crenshaw's surprise appearance.

Crenshaw said that when he joins Congress in January, one of his goals is to reach out to young people to help them find a home in the College Republicans and similar groups.

"It starts by explaining our values in different ways... not talking points."

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