This week on Life, Liberty & Levin, Mark Levin sat down with Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (R) and Texas Rep.-elect Chip Roy (R) to analyze the results of the midterm elections and discuss congressional oversight.

Roy -- who defeated Joseph Kopser (D) to represent Texas' 21st Congressional District-- said that congressional oversight is meant for constitutional purposes.

He said that congressional members need to monitor the constitutionality of the executive branch and how it is using its powers "in its official duties."

"The job of Congress isn't to go down fishing expeditions or personal assaults, or going after the president's family. That's not what it's about," he said.

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Roy said that Congress needs to reassert itself in governance, passing laws and not turning over power to the bureaucracy.

"You want to make Article One great again," he said of the Constitution.

 Rep. Jordan added that congressional oversight "ultimately" comes down to freedom.

"I would argue today ... I think freedom's under attack," he said.

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