The founder of a dating app for supporters of President Trump said Saturday on Watters' World that she "saw a real need" to create her new platform.

Emily Moreno founded "Donald Daters," which helps singles connect with others who are like-minded in their support for President Trump.

"People that go on the mainstream apps like Tinder and Bumble, they're told that if you're a Trump supporter, swipe left," Moreno said.

"Donald Daters," which launched last month, is similar to popular dating apps in which users can "swipe" left or right to connect with or dismiss other users.

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Jared Barker, who uses the app, said Saturday that his dating prospects on the platform look "promising."

"The first things out of my mouth [to matches are] 'build that wall,'" he said.

Moreno said that there is a risk of "unhinged" liberals seeking to infiltrate the app and shame users for their Trump support.

Within the app, two people can freely chat when a match is made, and users also have the ability to block potential "trolls."

"You can have politics and love if you choose to, but with 'Donald Daters' ... you don't have to just talk politics. It should be an icebreaker," Moreno said.

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