A United States Marine gave his younger siblings quite the surprise during the Veterans Day event held at their school in Colorado.

Gianna Montoya referred to her oldest brother, Tanner Dutton, as her hero during a speech thanking veterans at Warder Elementary School on Friday.

According to Fox 31, Dutton returned home on leave and wanted to surprise his sister and brother, Landon.

"As soon as I open the door and started walking, I saw them looking out towards the audience, and that’s when the tears started to come," he told the outlet.

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Dutton walked in to the shock of his younger siblings, and the three shared a long and tearful embrace in front of an applauding crowd.

"I loved what you wrote," he told his sister. "I loved it. Every word."

Both Gianna and Landon said they couldn't believe their brother had arrived, and they thought he was returning the next day.

"I started crying. I just said 'I really missed you,'" Gianna said.

Watch the emotional reunion above.

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