Former immigration judge Andrew Arthur said Friday on Tucker Carlson Tonight that the new asylum policy put in place by the Trump administration is the "best possible solution" to the disorder at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The rule, announced on Thursday, bars migrants from claiming asylum unless it is done so at an official border crossing.

Arthur said that President Trump is trying to channel everyone with a "credible fear claim" through official points of entry.

"This is the best possible solution that we could have, to have [asylum-seeking migrants] go through the port of entry," he said. "That'll also give those people encouragement to apply in a third country: Mexico."

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One of President Trump's major talking points leading up the midterm elections was illegal immigration, as caravans of migrants are still making their way toward the border.

Arthur added on Friday that the hope of the new rule is to dissuade people from seeking asylum due to a now-longer process.

He said that the new policy is very well-thought-out and that his administration has done a good job in crafting it.

"I really think that the president has had the experience of having his other executive orders and proclamations subject to many layers of judicial review," he said.

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