UPDATE: A state judge on Friday sided with Florida Republican Rick Scott in ordering that Republicans be granted “immediate” access to requested information about ballots in Broward County, amid explosive lawsuits against the county’s top election official.

Republican Senate candidate and governor Rick Scott joined Dana Perino on "The Daily Briefing" Friday to discuss his lawsuits against Broward County and Palm Beach County over potential "rampant fraud" in Tuesday's election.

Scott and the National Republican Senatorial Committeee (NRSC) allege that Broward County officials are hiding critical information about the number of votes cast and counted, and that the Palm Beach County election supervisor illegally used her own judgment to determine voter intent when reviewing damaged or incorrectly filled-out absentee ballots, while refusing to allow impartial witnesses to monitor the process.

Scott noted that his opponent, incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), is represented by Marc Elias, who announced that they would file a lawsuit to extend the deadline for vote counting.

"He's the Democrat lawyer who represents Hillary [Clinton], people like that. ... He didn't say he's down here to make sure there's an election. He says I'm down here to win this election. So it's at all costs," Scott said.

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President Trump had even sharper criticism of Elias earlier on Friday, tweeting that he is the Democrats' "best election stealing lawyer."

Scott took issue with late-arriving votes, noting that the number of ballots cast has increased by nearly 80,000 since Election Night in in Broward County and approximately 15,000 in Palm Beach County.

"They can't tell us where they came from, they can't tell us how they got there, there's no transparency," Scott said. "You have to assume the worst here. You have to assume that it's exactly what Marc Elias is saying: He's there to win the election."

Scott said he already won the election once, and now he's going to have to win it again in the courts.

Watch the "Daily Briefing" interview above.

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