The panel on "The Five" discussed what some called "outrageous" excuses for the lack of a Democratic "blue wave" in Tuesday's elections.

The Democrats gained control of the House, while Republicans added to their Senate majority.

The open governorships were a mixed bag, with Democrat Thomas Wolf winning reelection in Pennsylvania and Andrew Cuomo doing so in New York -- while Republican Kim Reynolds won her reelection race in Iowa along with Kay Ivey winning in Alabama.

Comedian Chelsea Handler lamented the reelection of Sen. Ted Cruz, claiming that 59 percent of white women in Texas voted for him over left-wing Democrat Beto O'Rourke (D-El Paso).

Handler said women have to "stop thinking only about ourselves."

Jesse Watters said ABC's Joy Behar was incidentally "schooled" by ABC political reporter Matthew Dowd, who corrected her assertion the Republican majority grew in the Senate because of "gerrymandering."

Article I of the Constitution declares that the Senate's makeup be determined through two at-large races in each state.

Dana Perino said that white women were not at fault for anything in Texas, adding that "you cannot run far left progressives in a red state" and that O'Rourke refused to "moderate on the issues."

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She said Cruz could've been defeated by a more centrist Democrat. The last elected Democrat to hold a Senate seat in Texas was 1988 vice presidential candidate Lloyd Bentsen.

Greg Gutfeld likened the fact that Democrats won the "popular vote" Tuesday but still did not see a "blue wave" to the idea that an NFL quarterback could throw for more yards than his opponent but still lose the game.

"It doesn't work that way," he said.

Dagen McDowell asked whether Handler and Behar "learned anything from [President Bill Clinton's Secretary of State] Madeleine Albright."

Albright had said during the 2016 election that there's "a special place in Hell" for women who do not support Hillary Clinton.

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