Former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent Dan Bongino said the deadly shooting at a Southern California bar shows the importance of hardening "soft targets." 

Police said 13 people are dead after a gunman opened fire in inside Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks late Wednesday.

Ian David Long, 28, was identified by police Thursday morning as the gunman. He was found dead inside the bar. It was not immediately clear if Long was shot and killed by police or if he died from a self-inflicted wound.

On "Fox & Friends" Thursday, Bongino noted that most bars and clubs only have one or two entrances -- by design -- and they're often crowded, making them targets for potential mass shooters.

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He said this tragedy brings back "vivid and disturbing memories" of the Orlando night club massacre, in which gunman Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 53 others.

"You don't have to selectively target people. You can almost randomly shoot and accumulate these really horrific body counts in these places," Bongino said. "That's how you think about it when you're in the security space."

He said having armed security to protect "soft targets" is a "very politically-charged issue," but he said there may be no other option.

He pointed out that there are millions and millions of firearms already in the U.S. that people have procured both legally and illegally.

"I don't understand what you think your other options are if someone like this deranged individual shows up with a firearm intent on murdering tens or hundreds of people," Bongino said. "What are your choices?"

"The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a firearm. If you have another way to do it, I am all ears. I've yet to hear one."

Watch more from Bongino above.

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