In his post-midterm election press conference, President Donald Trump called out Republican candidates who lost in their respective races on Tuesday for not embracing the GOP's message leading up to the midterms.

He singled out candidates like Rep. Mia Love (Utah), Rep. Barbara Comstock (Va.) and businessman Bob Hugin (N.J.) for not embracing his message of "low taxes, low regulations, low crimes, strong borders and great judges."

As an example, Trump said that Love asked him for help over an American hostage's release from Venezuala, but in return "Mia Love gave me no love."

He added that he wasn't sure whether or not to feel happy or sad for the defeated candidates, but that he "feels just fine about it."

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Trump added on Wednesday that the GOP "defied history" by expanding its majority in the Senate.

Although the Democrats took control of the House, the president said that Republicans "significantly" beat expectations in spite of a "dramatic fundraising disadvantage."

Trump said that the candidates he backed in his flurry of rallies leading up to Tuesday's elections achieved great success.

"This vigorous campaigning stopped the 'blue wave' that [Democrats] talked about. I don't know if there ever was such a thing."

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