President Trump and the Republican Party received overwhelmingly negative coverage from the mainstream media in the lead-up to the midterm election, according to a Media Research Center study.

For the report, analysts with the conservative media watchdog looked at all stories that mentioned the midterm elections on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts from September 1 through October 26.

During those eight weeks, analysts found 132 stories that either focused on the midterms or mentioned them as part of story on another topic.

The study revealed a pattern of extremely negative midterm coverage of Republicans (88 percent), with Trump actually faring somewhat better (86 percent) than specific Republican candidates (92 percent).

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Democrats, on the other hand, received 53 percent negative coverage during the eight-week sample period.

According to the study: 

We calculated spin by tallying all clearly positive and negative statements from non-partisan sources (in other words, reporters, anchors, voters and other unaffiliated sources). This excludes coverage that merely reflects the partisan back-and-forth of the campaign, in order to isolate the spin being imparted by the networks themselves. It also excludes “horse race assessments” about the candidate’s prospects for winning or losing.

Using this measure, we found 110 statements about Republicans: 13 positive assessments vs. 97 (88%) which were negative. More than half of these statements (63) focused on President Trump, who actually fared slightly better than his party, with 86% negative coverage (nine positive statements vs. 54 negative ones), vs. 92% negative coverage for all of the Republican candidates (just four positive statements, vs. 43 negative statements).

The various Democratic candidates were never burdened by such coverage. Only Elizabeth Warren, as noted above, received any significant criticism, with 86% negative coverage following her DNA test. The only other Democrat to draw more than a single evaluative comment was Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke, who enjoyed 100% positive coverage — a massive contrast to the 86% negative spin given his opponent, Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

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