Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) suggested during a post-midterm press conference on Wednesday that "harassing" President Trump may not be a smart strategy from Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats.

McConnell was asked by a reporter what Senate Republicans would do if House Democrats launch an investigation into Trump's tax records, which some expect Democrats to pursue. 

He said that the issue of "presidential harassment" was "interesting," and recalled the GOP's impeachment of former President Bill Clinton in the 1990s.

"His numbers went up and ours went down, and we under-performed in the next election," McConnell said. "So the Democrats and the House will have to decide just how much presidential harassment they think is good strategy. I'm not so sure it'll work for them."

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McConnell went on to say that historically, presidential harassment has improved the president's approval rating.

"That's my observation. That might not be a smart strategy, but it's up to [House Democrats] to decide how they want to handle that," he said.

On America's Newsroom, Fox News Radio host Marie Harf said Democrats now have a few "different histories to look at" in terms of potential probes.

She said that to her, the GOP's investigations of former President Obama and of Hillary Clinton hurt the Democrats and Clinton's White House chances.

"I don't think [Democrats] should be obstructionists," she said. "I think they should put forward a proactive policy message."

Brad Blakeman, former deputy assistant to President George W. Bush, added that McConnell's mention of presidential harassment was a "shot over the Democrats' bow" because it has been their constant modus operandi.

"Are they gonna learn from it, or are they gonna double down?" he said.

Watch McConnell's remarks above, and see more of Harf's and Blakeman's reaction below.

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