Judge Andrew Napolitano commented on Fox News' projection that the Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives.

Napolitano noted that presumptive House Judiciary Chairman-to-be Jerrold Nadler, a Democrat from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, has said he intends to commence investigations into President Trump and his allies.

Napolitano said former Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell told Fox News earlier in the night that he wants his party to "legislate," not "investigate."

He said that although he agreed with Rendell, he is not encouraged that Nadler will take his advice.

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Nadler won his own race Tuesday by a wide margin over Republican candidate Naomi Levin.

"They want to commence an impeachment investigation," he said. 

"Can you imagine if [Jerry Nadler] commences an investigation to impeach Justice Kavanaugh as he has said he was going to -- as well as [a case against] the president?" Napolitano said.

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