Clinton-era Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr questioned the stability of the Justice Department Wednesday on Your World following Attorney General Jeff Sessions' resignation at the request of President Trump.

Sessions submitted his letter of resignation to the president after Trump reportedly requested that Sessions step down Wednesday morning.

Starr said that he wants to see the Justice Department do well with the "changing of the guard" taking place, even though it did not follow the logical line of succession to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

President Trump tweeted on Wednesday that Sessions' current chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker, will serve as acting AG.

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"The Department of Justice needs stability," he said. "Anything that does not promote the stability of the department ... I'm concerned."

Starr said that another issue that will come from Wednesday's resignation announcement will be about Whitaker's integrity and his relationship with President Trump.

"The president needs confidence in the attorney general and the department needs confidence in the integrity of the attorney general," he told Neil Cavuto.

He added that the timing of Sessions' resignation wasn't surprising and that the situation could be over-read.

Watch the interview above.

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