Judge Andrew Napolitano said that Jeff Sessions' resignation is beginning to appear as if it were an effort to shake up the Justice Department all the way to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Sessions submitted his letter of resignation to the president after Trump reportedly requested that Sessions step down Wednesday morning.

President Trump tweeted on Wednesday that Sessions' current chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker, will serve as acting AG.

Whitaker told CNN in 2017 that he "could see a scenario in which Jeff Sessions is replaced" with someone who "reduces" the budget for Robert Mueller's probe so it "grinds to almost a halt."

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"This is being done by a person who said, 'Let’s dry him up by shrinking his budget.' Beginning to look more and more to me, Shep, nefarious," said the judge, reacting to the quote.

Napolitano said if that's the reason for which Whitaker is the acting AG, he himself "could be in the crosshairs" of the special counsel. 

"It is beginning to appear as if this was an orchestrated effort to shake up the Justice Department with such ferocity that the shaking up reaches Bob Mueller."

Sessions' resignation letter was undated, leading Napolitano to believe it was "very possible" the decision was a long time coming.

"The president may very well have said 'I want your resignation letter, it's gonna be in my top drawer and I'll publish it when I'm ready and you'll know,'" he said.

Watch more of Napolitano's analysis below.

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