Fox News Insider caught up with Fox Business Network's Deirdre Bolton, the host of a brand-new series of FBN specials called "Women & Money."

Read on to find out more about the native Pennsylvanian and don't miss "Women & Money" on Fox Business Network

1. I grew up in Newtown, Pennsylvania, and it is still one of my favorite places to go. I have lived all over the world, but Newtown is still very much "home" to me. 

While I was growing up, working farms were alive and well. I remember my mom and I used to buy milk from one of the local farmers, filling our own glass jugs from the farmer's steel tanks. We paid by leaving cash in a cigar box in the barn.

2. I am happiest outdoors and with animals. I had a big, furry Bernese Mountain Dog as a childhood companion; I still miss her!

Now I live in New York City (thankfully near a park) with my family, including our dog Rocky, a little white poodle mix.

3. When I was a child, I was a competitive swimmer, which is funny because I am not tall but I spent a lot of time in the water from ages 9 to 17.

I grew gills instead of inches. Here I am after winning a race with short swimmers' hair!

(I always cut my hair short after the summer season because the chlorine made my hair so brittle.)

4. I started my professional career on Wall Street, working on an international equities desk. I sold European Equities to American institutional investors for French banks. I liked my job, but I didn't love it. I pitched myself to Bloomberg to write for their magazine. It turned out they needed an NYSE reporter, not a magazine writer at that time. I gave it a shot, did a screen test on the stock exchange floor and was hired shortly thereafter.

Since then, I have covered the markets - from the NYSE to the NASDAQ - been a field reporter and created and hosted my own shows. As part of all those experiences I have covered numerous world and national news events that became very personal. I was on the NYSE trading floor on the morning of the 9/11 attacks. I remember being led to the basement for safety and seeing traders trying to reach family members, others holding back tears and so many more steadying themselves. It is a day I will never forget.

In November 2015, I also reported extensively from Paris after the terror attacks. 

5.  My mother is the person who has had the most positive influence in my life. Every day, I think about her, and my luck to have had her in my life, as MY mom. She had lifelong health problems and that never slowed her down. She accomplished more in her life than most people given the gift of health do.

Her illnesses made her push herself harder and farther. As a young person, she traveled the world teaching English on almost every continent and she was a big part of my wanting to experience life in other places. I went to school in Lyon, France and later, Paris, where I also worked, in addition to London and Singapore. My mother was also an avid reader; she pushed herself to keep learning almost to her last day.

My mother instilled in me the importance of taking responsibility for managing my money and my legal matters. She gave me very basic advice that I follow to this day: never sign any paperwork without understanding it and ask as many questions as it takes. More than a few financial advisors tried to tell my mom she didn't know what she was doing (she did) and tried to sell her products she was not interested in. She was always polite and always stood her ground.

My mom was a big fan of Louis Rukeyser's "Wall Street Week" TV show (which Maria Bartiromo has now taken over!).

It is partly in my mother's honor and her memory that I am so excited to create and launch "Women & Money with Deirdre Bolton" on Fox Business Network.


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