Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz said Wednesday there is a limit to the "loyalty" that the Senate will allow President Donald Trump to demand from his next attorney general nominee.

Former Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions (R) resigned his post at the Justice Department at Trump's request, Fox News reported.

Dershowitz said he thinks Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will remain at his post and not be fired nor resign. 

Dershowitz said that Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, formerly the office's chief of staff and a federal prosecutor in southern Iowa, should not be able to hamper the Mueller probe.

However, Dershowitz said that Whitaker has a legitimate ability to determine whether Robert Mueller's final report on Trump and Russia is publicly released.

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He said that when Trump formally nominates a successor to Whitaker, there will be a "limit to the loyalty the Senate will allow him to demand from an A.G."

Several Democrats expressed outrage at Whitaker's appointment, citing past statements critical of Mueller and Hillary Clinton.

Dershowitz said there are enough Senate Republicans who do not want the DOJ to interfere in the Mueller probe.

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