Laura Ingraham said Tuesday on The Five that midterm voters opposed to President Trump are resisting his tone and personality.

She touted the country's economic prosperity under the president and said that those on the left are "putting blinders on to all the greatness."

"There's never a better time to be an American than today, I think, in my lifetime," she said.

Those on the left also want to send a message to Trump, Ingraham added, that they won't be "fooled" again like they were in 2016.

"It's personal with the left," she said.

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Dana Perino added that strong candidate recruitment for Republicans could help them retain control of the House.

She said the potential for "new energy" in Congress could lead to both sides working together.

"Let's just say that the Democrats take back the house," she said. "Are they going to deny working with President Trump on an infrastructure bill that they've wanted? Will they deny an immigration deal that the president might offer to them? Will they deny an opportunity to go against price controls?"

Greg Gutfeld said that both parties working together in Congress may be hard to accomplish.

"If you've been spending two years calling a guy insane, calling him racist, calling him sexist and calling him 'Hitler', all of a sudden your angry base is gonna go 'wait, now you want to go work with Hitler?'" he said.

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