1988 Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis blasted President Donald Trump for his jabs at Sen. Elizabeth Warren, adding that it reflects the "kind of racism this guy seems to stand for."

Neil Cavuto asked Dukakis, a former Massachusetts governor and current college educator, about Trump and his projection for Tuesday's midterm election and the 2020 Democratic race.

Dukakis said he is "not a fan of Trump" -- calling him an "insulting guy who is pretty disagreeable all of the time."

He defended his fellow Massachusetts Democrat, Warren, saying that there are "serious issues" in the country that Trump should be focusing on instead of the "Pocahontas stuff."

"What's the matter with this guy?" he asked. "This kind of stuff -- it reflects basically the kind of racism this guy seems to stand for."

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Dukakis said he could not think of any minority group that Trump "likes" and said he "admires" Warren.

Pivoting to 2020, wherein Warren is seen as a potential contender, Dukakis said that the election will be about "what kind of country we want."

He said former President Obama saved the economy after the 2008 recession, saying that it was in "damn good shape" thanks to Obama thereafter.

"Let's knock off this insulting stuff," he said, calling on Trump to act in a more civil manner.

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