Robert Wolf, former economic adviser to former President Obama and a Fox News contributor, thinks Democrats will retake the House in the midterm elections, but he does not expect a full-fledged "blue wave."

Wolf, who has been meeting with Democrats in key swing states in recent months, explained that the Democrats have an advantageous path to a House majority, but the path in the Senate is "incredibly tough."

"I like to tweet about the blue wave, but I don't think the blue wave's coming," Wolf said on "America's Newsroom," predicting that if Democrats do take the House it will be by 10 seats or less.

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He said that many people are making the midterms all about President Trump, but in these elections -- like many midterms -- "politics is local."

"This is not just an anti-Trump election. When you talk locally, they're talking about protecting health care, they're talking about gun rights, gun reform," Wolf said. "So I think it's much more local than what we all talk about."

As the results begin to come in later in the day, Wolf said he's going to be closely watching the gubernatorial races.

He noted that Republicans currently hold 33 governorships, compared to 17 for the Democrats.

He said Democrats could pick up six to 10 seats, which could have a major effect on redistricting in 2020.

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