Neil Cavuto pressed AFL-CIO labor union leader Richard Trumka on whether he supports the changes President Trump has made in regard to trade and the economy, and asked who his members are supporting in Tuesday's election.

"This president isn't on the ballot today," Trumka responded when asked about the president's effect on the economy.

Trumka said his union is supporting candidates like embattled Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat who he said has "stood up" for workers. He claimed her opponent, Josh Hawley (R), instead has supported union-busting in the form of Right to Work laws.

"Hawley is out of step [with workers]," he said.

Cavuto challenged Trumka to name high-profile Republicans his union is or has recently supported.

Trumka, a one-time Pennsylvania coal miner who was elected AFL-CIO president in 2009,  said that the union judges each race individually and does not make straight-ticket endorsements.

He said the AFL-CIO endorsed Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, a moderate Republican in a tough reelection bid in the Philadelphia suburb of Bucks County.

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"It's not Rich's decision, it's everyone's decision," he said.

Cavuto pressed again on whether Trumka supports Trump's ongoing efforts to fix the trade imbalance and improve wages.

"Did you complain [about bad wage growth] when it was Barack Obama who was president?" Cavuto said. Trumka said he did. "[Trump] is not on the ballot today."

Trumka said he will not announce whether he supports Trump's negotiated NAFTA replacement until he "has the facts."

He said that 50 percent of his union members in Ohio who voted for Trump are now supporting anti-Trump Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray -- a former Obama aide and confidant of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

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