On "Life, Liberty & Levin" Sunday night, Mark Levin called on Americans to reject the "extremely radical, left-wing" policies of the Democratic Party in Tuesday's midterm elections.

He said Democrats -- along with their "mouthpieces" in the mainstream media -- have been undermining the nation's constitutional order to advance their progressive agenda.

"We have this cultural battle going on between those of us who wish to uphold our traditions, those of us who actually believe in constitutional republicanism, and those who do not," Levin said.

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He said it came to a head during the hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, accusing Democrats of rejecting basic principles like due process and presumption of innocence.

"The Democrats, to a man and woman, rejected the Enlightenment, rejected Western civilization, rejected the Bill of Rights," Levin said.

As for the media, Levin said they have not accepted that Trump won the 2016 election or that he has been successful, so they are doing everything possible to destroy and diminish his administration.

"It's time to stand up. That's what Tuesday's about. For ourselves, for our families, for our faith, for our country, for our party and for our president, it's time to stand up," Levin said.

"This is a truly, truly crucial election for you, for your family. What kind of country do you want to have? That's what's on the ballot."

Watch Levin's monologue above.

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