Greg Gutfeld said Monday that Democrats' sudden shift toward political issues rather than general "Resistance" to President Trump resembles a college student "cramming for a final" exam.

Gutfeld said that many Democrats appear "hyped-up on Ritalin and coffee -- they don't have a message," he said.

He said that while Democrats are faced with a Republican-led "economic boom, wages [improvements], jobs" and foreign policy accomplishments, all the Democrats have is "hate" for the president.

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In the face of such, Democrats have decided to bring out a slew of big-name liberals in hopes of winning America's vote on Tuesday.

Gutfeld noted that former President Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, now a Democrat, have all taken to the stump in support of Dems. Bloomberg, a media executive by trade, was formerly a Republican and an Independent.

"They need to get together to fight this one guy [Trump]," Gutfeld said.

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