Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley fired back at attorney Michael Avenatti, who blasted the Iowa Republican's decision to refer his client's allegedly false report about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Justice Department.

Julie Swetnick alleged that while she and Kavanaugh were in college, he was an accessory to the purported drugging of women who ultimately were gang-raped. Avenatti is also representing porn star Stormy Daniels -- who is suing President Trump.

Swetnick appeared to contradict herself in an interview with NBC News correspondent Kate Snow when pressed on the matter.

"Chuck Grassley's partisan report is garbage. There is no evidence my client or I did anything wrong. We are still waiting and hoping the FBI fully investigates this matter. Chuck evidently doesn't have any juice," Avenatti said Monday.

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Grassley said Avenatti has made personal attacks on him as well, adding that the statement "tells me what generally happens when lawyers don't have the facts on their side -- they start attacking the individual."

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